Our Essentials package is designed for businesses with between 50 – 200 people. Our easy to deploy survey platform gives you easy to read, real-time, feedback to improve your world of work.

The Essentials Package

Feedback from your people is essential

Quick, Easy and Affordable employee feedback solutions

Essentials can be set up in a few hours, giving you unlimited access to our Exit and Pulse modules as well as one Annual survey per year.​
Our templates allow you to set up a survey in minutes and our analytics update in real-time.
Genuine, actionable feedback.

Available from just £91 per month!

Unlimited Pulse Surveys

Pulse surveys are short and specific surveys that allow you to gather employee feedback quickly.

Our Pulse module allows you to send surveys to a specific group of people and can be ready to be sent in a matter of minutes.

Check-in with your people regularly and ask them about what matters most.

Unlimited Exit Surveys

With the average cost per leaver being between £20,000 to £39,000 can you afford not to know why people leave?

Using our Exit interview module gives you invaluable data which can help you make a positive change in your business.

As well as saving you money, knowing why people leave can help you reduce employee turnover in the future. With the functionality to link with your HR system, you can say hello to quick and easy Exit interviews that cut down on staff and admin time.

1 x Annual Survey

Conduct one Annual survey a year to give you a wealth of in-depth data.

Your Annual survey data can provide invaluable insights allowing you to change your workplace for the better and shape your people strategy for the coming year.

Use Pulse surveys to track any changes made and whether it’s been successful.

We would love to hear from you to see if we could help you better understand your people's experience of work and (if needed) how we can help improve it!

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