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In our insights report, we look at all aspects of the Employee Experience at work and explore how these impact on Employee Engagement, Employee Motivation, Performance and Trust.

We look at Employee Wellbeing and Burnout, exploring the potential causes and what employers can do to help their people thrive in the climate at work.

Hear from industry experts

Across the report, there are comments from recognised industry leaders in the fields of Wellbeing, Business Psychology, Change, Growth, Leadership, HR and Data Analytics

  • Gethin Nadin - Author and Director, Employee Wellbeing at Benefex

  • Rob Robson - Business Psychologist

  • Liz Kentish - Managing Director of Kentis and Co experts in Facility Management and Change

  • Mark Hendy - HR Professional, TedX Speaker and HR Commentator

People Analytics

This report is rich with insightful data about all aspects of the Employee Experience at work, and as you would expect from experts in HR and People Analytics it is presented in a way that is easy to understand.


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With data from a large selection of industries including Retail, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Technology, Advertising, Education, HR, Logistics and Sales.

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